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From the first meeting to case conclusion, you will be treated with dignity and respect. Experienced employment law attorney Rayl Stepter focuses on the best possible results for every client. More often than not plaintiff’s legal counsel in employment law lawsuits are outnumbered and out‐ resourced and thus must respond with aggressive and persistent representation. Vigorous and sustained enforcement of the law is an important goal of this firm.



“Courage to Go Deep”

Stepter Law handles cases in the areas of race discrimination, age discrimination, disability discrimination, national origin discrimination, religious discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, whistleblower claims, family and medical leave, employment severance agreements, employment agreements, noncompete agreements, and wage and hour violations.

The firm handles cases in all industries. Some recent examples involve, Medicare/Medicaid recipients, doctor’s offices, hospitals, pharmacies, research laboratories, transportation companies, fast‐food, non‐profits, construction sites schools, state governments and manufacturers.

Refusal To Engage In Illegal Conduct

Severance Agreements

Disability Discrimination

Religious Discrimination

What The Firm’s Clients Say

Rayl L. Stepter is a Certified Specialist in Employment Law. All attorneys licensed to practice law in Ohio must have graduated from an accredited law school, pass intensive examination and attend continuing legal education courses as required by the Supreme Court of Ohio.

What The Firm’s Clients Say

A highly recommended attorney

Rayl did an outstanding job handling my case. We were able to obtain a very favorable outcome, which I was happy with. I would highly recommend Rayl.

Posted by Chris

Great experience during a stressful time!

I was very impressed with Rayl Stepter! His staff was very courteous and professional. But what really stood out to me was the fact that Rayl himself was involved from the very beginning. He came in to speak to me during my first interview and was in communication with me personally throughout the entire process! I had a very lack luster experience previously with one of those lawyers you see on tv! To top it all off he got the case settled in a very reasonable amount of time! I would highly recommend Rayl Stepter any day!

Posted by Stacey


I did hire Attorney Rayl Stepter for my case. I feel he represented me fairly and professionally. Rayl did all he could to bring us to a settlement. Rayl was always available for any questions I had during the process. I highly recommend Attorney Rayl Stepter.

Posted by Pam

Excellent Attorney

I was fired from my job but knew it was a wrongful termination. I visited five other attorneys before hiring Rayl Stepter. I am very happy I hired him! I won my case and received a larger settlement than I thought was ever possible. He is a great attorney! Rayl Stepter is very intelligent in law, helpful, kind and courteous. He returned all my phone calls in a timely manner and answered all my...

Posted by anonymous

Great attorney

Rayl was thorough and honest. He kept me informed every step of the way. Rayl let me know what I could expect from one week/month to the next. I’m incredibly thankful and happy with his help in my situation.

Posted by Jessica

I hired Rayl during a difficult time with my former employer. Rayl was professional and took the time to explain every step of the process. He proved to be extremely knowledgeable about the areas of law pertaining to my case and I couldn't have been better represented. I felt heard and understood throughout the entire process and we received a settlement that I am completely satisfied with. I will highly recommend.

Posted by Tenisha

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